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Riverworx Audio Productions LLC

43 Technology Way Suite 1N1

Nashua, NH 03060


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Sound Design, Live, Studio, Podcasts, Voice-Overs, Narration, Corporate Marketing, Bands, Video Gaming Audio, Commercial Radio, Movies and everything else...!


Post recording, Tuning, Trimming, Stretching, Volume correction, Time Alignment, A/V Synchronization, Multitrack editing, 5.1 surround +, Dynamics enhancement, FX, and all the rest...!   


Pre/Post, In The box, Multitrack Mixing, Panoramic Positioning, Dynamics enhancement +, Re-Mix, Live audio, Field audio, Movies, broadcasts, podcasts, and anything audio related pre-mastering!


Post audio editing and mix mastering, Stem mastering, 2 Chanel stereo master, Mono master, Broadcast audio master, CD master, Social music/web services master, Podcast master audio book and movie score master and more...!