Remote Recording

COVID-19 Recording Alternative.

Because of COVID 19, we are staggering sessions every other day and limiting them to "one at a time" recording and paired with one engineer through the process at the studio, which means no more than one person recording their parts or no more than two people in the studio at one time (Artist/Musician and Engineer). All Post-production is done remotely. This allows for cleaning up and sanitizing, pre and post any physical recording session. Clients and engineers also must wear masks (except when singing.) All equipment, surfaces, and accessories are sterilized and sanitized before and after all sessions!


OPTIONALLY** | If you have home recording equipment, we can provide the ability to guide and assist remotely to set up your recording gear and use your preferred recording software and make sure all of your software, computer, interface and all, are set up correctly by logging into your computer remotely. One of our engineers can access your computer, take limited control over the installation of necessary files, recording, routing and all functions required for your project.  


Then, we would take the files and post-produce them here at the studio in real-time with you via our streaming software. You will still get to see and be apart of the whole mix session and recording post-process and have control over artistic direction and decision making. 


This has been working for many of our artists/clients. 


  • Strong Internet connection

  • USB Webcam/Microphone

  • Recording Software (Digital Audio Workstation - DAW) of your choice.

  • Computer PC/MAC (Recommend Core I5 minimum/8GB Ram)

  • QUIET ROOM - AS QUITE AS POSSIBLE (we can help you be creative with blankets :)

  • Your talents!

We will do the rest. Don't worry, our connection to you is private and secure with limited control to your computer and you have FULL control over the connection and can terminate at any time. 

**Hourly rates still apply!

Contact us to learn more and set up your remote session today! 

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