Meet Our Clients

Over the years, we have been involved with a staggering number of talented artists. Have a listen to some of the tracks we’ve recorded and learn about the experiences our clients had while working with. Get in touch today to schedule a session in our studio, and realize your musical ambitions.

Seth Myers
Richie Lucero
Gunther Krause
Mike Haney
Nathan Wright
Ain't That America Band
All Summer Long Band
Carl Ayotte
Jacy Dawn
Kim Estrada
Ross Zamora
RFM Studios Nashville
High Value Music Nashville
Jeff Batson

Imagination Publishing

Longtrack Publishing
Eric Haynes
Will Pearson
William Pitts
The Green Room
The Strangers Band
EA Sports
Lionsgate Entertainment
Christian Sosa Demos
Mark Lyons Beat Productions
Kyle James Project
Brice Mcdaniel Band
Jill Martin
Shannon Lovery

Kelly Lang
Howard Parrish
Demo My Song Seattle
Krystal Ploycronis
Kevin Herrera
Bobby G
Darren Bessette Band
Altered Sound
LockJaw Smile
AM 1030
WKLB Boston
FOX25 Nashville
FOX25 Boston
Pfizer Corp

Kahn and Williams

Blizzard Tech Media
Cory Heart
Ryan Brooks Kelly
Kyle Erickson
Hanna Ramos

Krystal Polychronis
KC Entertainment
"Just One More" Band
The Brewer Brothers
Last Stand
Kilo and last mile
Paul Fitz
Clay Walters ​

and many, many more...

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